Forty-one new recruits led by Army Recruiter Sgt. Richard Mamea were sworn into the US Armed Forces, during yesterday’s opening ceremony for the 2012 Flag Day Celebration — continuing a tradition established over the last few years by Gov. Togiola Tulafono. Thirty-nine joined the Army, while two the Marine Corps. [Photo JL]

“Be proud that you are Samoan. “Be proud to be serving in the military services of the United Stated of America, the greatest nation on the face of the earth”.

These were the words rendered by Governor Togiola Tulafono to the forty-one young men and women who were sworn in as soldiers of the U.S. Armed Forces yesterday during the opening of the 112th Flag Day celebration.

Commanding General of the Marine Corps Recruiting Command, General Joseph L. Osterman administered the Oath of enlistment for 39 Army soldiers and two Marines. 

Before swearing in the soldiers, General Osterman said that throughout his career, the Marine Corps has been known for discipline, mission accomplishment and for never quitting at what they do.

“In my 30 years as a Marine Officer the best leaders are those who have come from the Samoan community that fulfill those attributes.”

The General went on to say that he truly learned how to be a Marine officer from a very young Staff Sergeant Suiaunoa at the time, who went on to do many great things, and who was present yesterday at the Veterans Memorial Stadium, where the opening ceremony was held.

He said the young and women have signed on to take the challenge of serving in the Armed Forces of the United States and to give the ultimate sacrifice when necessary, as many have done before them and that is truly in keeping with the heritage and the warrior spirit of the Samoan People.

Governor Togiola Tulafono told the new recruits that when they stated “So help me God”, they have offered themselves and given the most solemn of commitment through their oath to serve. “Be proud that you are Samoan, be proud to be serving in the military services of the United Stated of America, the greatest nation on the face of the earth.”

He said America has been good to American Samoa.

“America has been a great nation to be working under and you will be serving that great nation, to protect us, and to protect out democratic ideals, and to protect our freedom and you will also be called upon to help protect the freedom of people around the world they can’t do it themselves; that is everything that you swore to uphold today”.

On behalf of the Samoan People and the government, Togiola wished the new recruits Godspeed and good health as the next generation of Toa Samoa — adding good luck and may God be with them.

“Be brave, be loyal and be honest”, he said.

Staff Sgt. Ne’emia Vaiaga’e with the Army Recruiting Office said the new army recruits are between 19 and 21 years of age.

He added that there are a total of 19 high school students, who are still seniors; seven ASCC students; and, the remaining are civilians.

“There are 13 females, the rest are males,” said the Staff Sergeant, and explained that of the 39 Army recruits, 15 will be working as Reserves in the territory, while the others will be going on active duty.

He said the Army Reserve needs to fill 60 more slots for the Bravo Company and Charlie Company.

The following enlisted in the US Army:

BinghamLaie, Falaniko Ah Foon, Anthony Alvarado, Tanielu Seanoa, Darlene Gilreath, Samuelu Scanlan, Lutia Misipati, Salelea Tuiolemotu, Anderson Taala, Fotuatua Faalata, Musuva Faafili, Tuigamale Iosefo, Valuese Fagota, Ervin Buhian, Painuulasi Lameta, Meaalofa Leite, Setu Tupuimatagi, Irvin Tanielu, Epitacio Aguimbag, Misioka Tauai, Joseph Liu Kuey, Jermaine Tuiasosopo,  Chris Tavita, Jeremiah Lauvao, Alex Matau, James Tuifalasai, Sefika Sefika, Tamaiti Faoasau, Tuiotau Gaopoa, Tingey Purcell, Gwendolyn Emmsley, Jack Peko, Jerry Tutai, Navy Lepupa, Kalala Eletise, Iosefa Fanolua, Paul Tofa, Marilynn Apulu and Shane Mila.

Samoa News was not able to get the names of the two Marine Corp new recruits, who were sworn in yesterday, as of press time.


A story about the ‘shortage’ of new recruits for the Army Reserve was published in the Samoa News, Friday, April 13, 2012 edition.

You can also visit our website at samoanews.com to find the story, and for updates of the 2012 Flag Day celebrations, including the faustasi race — set for 8 a.m. this morning.


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