Pago Pago's Aeto wins Flag Day Int'l Fautasi Race


The grand-finale of all Flag Day celebrations is the International Fautasi Race. The race with six local boats and the ‘Tolotolo Tama Uli’ fautasi from Salelologa, Samoa - got underway just before 8a.m., with the weather cooperating, making for a good competition.

Fans and supporters of fautasi teams flocked to the bay area shoreline three hours before the race to get a good spot to watch the much anticipated international race and cheer for their favorite fautasi.

Around 7:20 a.m., five fautasi were already on the starting line: Satani II of Nu’uuli; Sharks of Samoana High School; Matasaua II of the Manu’a Islands; Iseula of Fagatogo; and Aeto II of Pago Pago. Not long afterwards, Tolotolo o le Tama Uli of Salelologa; and Fua’o of Vatia, made it to the startling line.

Line up of the race, had Tolotolo Tama Uli; Satani; Matasaua; Fua’o; Aeto; Samoana; and Iseula.

At 7:42 a.m. the  race got underway, but media broadcasters report that Iseula was in front of the starting line. But about five minutes into the race, Satani sped forward leading the race followed by Aeto and Samoana. And then Aeto and Satani - neck and neck - battled for the lead heading into the entrance into Pago Pago Harbor. 

Tolotolo Tama Uli fautasi also battled from behind, as broadcasters report that the ocean was calm with light winds.
Battle for first place took on its own course with a very close race between Aeto and

Satani while other fautasi were far behind. Aeto reached the finish line first, quickly followed by Satani in second place. Third  place was Matasaua II; 4th place went to Fua’o; 5th place to Tolotolo Tama Uli; 6th place went to Samoana Sharks; and 7th place Iseula.

More details as they become available.  Watch for slideshow photos later today.


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