Chief Election Officer refers Save and Sandra campaign query to AG


Chief Election Officer Soliai Tuipine Fuimaono has referred to Attorney General Fepuleai A. Ripley Jr. a request by the gubernatorial team of Save Liuato A. Tuitele and Tofoitaufa Sandra King Young (Save & Sandra), to review a provision of the local election laws governing the resignation of government employees when running for the offices of governor and lieutenant governor.

In an Apr. 10 letter to Fepuleai, the Chief Election Officer says that the election office was requested to review ASCA Section 4.0102(f) - specifically, “to determine if ASG employees who have indicated their candidacy for the offices of governor and lieutenant governor should resign from their current positions with ASG or be disqualified from running for the offices of governor and/or lieutenant governor.”

“It is not within the purview of the Election Office to determine whether ASG employees, whom have indicated an interest in running for the Territory’s gubernatorial offices, should resign from employment with ASG or be disqualified as candidates” in violation of ASCA Section 4.0102(f), Soliai wrote to Fepuleai.

“Therefore I am referring this matter to your office for review,” wrote Soliai, who also copied “Save and Sandra” in the letter to Fepuleai.

In their Apr. 4 letter to Soliai, the ‘Save & Sandra’ team says it has come to their attention that several candidates, who are ASG employees and are running for the offices of Governor and Lieutenant Governor, “are actively engaged in activities intending to influence or obtain votes from qualified electors without having resigned their positions from the government.”

See Samoa News story published Apr. 9 for full details of the “Save and Sandra” team letter to Soliai.

The Election Office has already launched its “registration campaign” reaching out to all newly qualified voters to register, and reminding those whose names were purged from the voter rolls for failing to vote in the last two elections that they need to re-register for the Nov. 6 general election.

Last day to register to vote is by 4 p.m. Oct. 9, while candidates for this year’s election for all elected offices can start picking up their nomination papers starting July 13. Deadline to file the nomination papers is 4:30 p.m. Sept. 1st.


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