ASCC Chief Information Officer Grace Tulafono (front, center) and the College's Management Information Systems staff have made significant strides in incorporating online technology into the registration process, enhancing Spring Registration at ASCC. [Photo: J. Kneubuhl]

As students at the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) prepare to pre-register for the spring 2013 semester, the Management Information Systems (MIS) Division continues to make strides to improve the College’s online registration process.

“While we are still working to make online registration available off-campus, it’s now easier than ever for continuing students to pre-register and register using the system we have in place,” said ASCC Chief Information Officer and head of MIS Grace Tulafono.

Tulafono explained that continuing students can obtain their user name and password from the ASCC MIS computer labs, and easily log-in from any computer on campus to sign up for classes once pre-registration for the spring 2013 semester begins on November 13th. “The reason we have not yet made ASCC registration available to those using off-campus computers is that there are security risks involved in making any system public, and this will only be the third registration using online technology, so we are still running security tests to make sure student data is not compromised,” said Tulafono. “We are also still in the testing phase of the online registration system, and we are taking the necessary steps to improve our processes with each registration.”

The interactive system designed for ASCC students not only enables them to sign up for classes during the pre-registration and registration periods, but also provides them with access to their individual academic record to date, including transcript information, course schedule, and program evaluation consisting of classes already completed as well as those they still need to take in order to complete their declared major. “We’ve used the past two semesters to pilot the use of the system for students to enroll into classes,” said Tulafono, “and although we continue to make improvements, these test-runs have proven successful in allowing students online access to register themselves into ASCC courses.”

While the new system makes it possible for continuing students to sign up for classes without needing to see an advisor, Tulafono emphasized that each student is still assigned a member of the faculty as their advisor whom they may contact any time they feel the need for advice beyond what the system offers.

“Yes, advisors will remain very much part of the registration process,” she said, “but whereas before each and every student was required to physically meet with their advisor, they can now simply refer to their online academic record for the answers to many of their concerns. However, they are still welcome to consult with their advisors should they wish to,” she said.

First-time students still need to follow the previous method of registering, which involves getting the approval of their advisor, but as of their second semester with ASCC they are considered continuing students and can access the streamlined online registration process.

“The difficulties faced this semester provided useful information for us to improve our processes, and we are confident that the next registration will be even more successful,” Tulafono said. For an overview of ASCC as well as information about the coming semester, visit the ASCC website at: http://www.amsamoa.edu.


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