2012 Culture Night memorable

op Left to Bottom Right: Kiwi, Taiwan, India, Tongan, Korean, Africa, Hong Kong, Samoa, Japan, Mongolia, Thai, China, Middle East, Malaysia/Singapore, Tahiti, Kiribati, Indonesia, Filipino, Cook Island and Fiji Clubs. [Photos: Bart Jolley & Mei Yin]

After long months of practice and anticipation, Culture Night brought the nations of BYU-Hawaii together in song and dance. Friday, April 6 has come and gone, and with it BYUH’s annual Culture Night presentation.

Students, faculty and community members filled the Cannon Activities Center to capacity to experience a night bathed in the cultural expressions of representatives from countries around the world. There were 20 student alumni chapters or clubs on campus that participated one of the highlights in the Winter Semester 2012.

Tanya Tanuvasa, a Samoan performer from Long Beach, Calif., explained how good it was to see performers from all the cultures. “People were there to show their culture and have fun. I was impressed how all cultures came together in the production. We represented the Samoan culture well. Through this performance, I got to know about my own culture. It was the best opportunity I have ever had to speak and dance Samoan.” ”


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