Hearing gives most extensive look yet at Zimmerman

This photo combo shows photos of George Zimmerman that have been released since he shot and killed 17-year-old Trayon Martin on Feb. 26. From left, a 2005 booking photo provided by the Orange County Jail, an undated but recent photo taken from the Orlando Sentinel's website, an April 11, 2012 booking mug provided by the Sanford Police, and Zimmerman during is April 12, 2012 court appearance in Sanford, Fla. (AP Photo)

SANFORD, Fla. (AP) -- George Zimmerman's initial court appearance on a second-degree murder charge on Thursday gave the public its most extensive look yet at the neighborhood watch volunteer since he shot Trayvon Martin in late February.

Much has already been made about outdated photos of Martin and Zimmerman that were the dominant images of the initial news coverage of the case. Early on, Zimmerman was known by a seven-year-old photo that showed him more heavyset than he is now and with an imposing stare that was absent during Thursday's hearing.

While more recent photos of a thinner Zimmerman had surfaced before Thursday, the live television footage and photos taken at the hearing have given people around the country the longest look at him up to this point.

During the brief appearance, Zimmerman stood up straight, looked straight ahead and wore a gray prison jumpsuit. He spoke only to answer "Yes, sir," twice after he was asked basic questions about the charge against him and his attorney. His hands were shackled in front of him.

His hair was shaved down to stubble and he had a thin goatee, which appeared consistent with his booking photo from the day before. He had resurfaced Wednesday to turn himself in after weeks in hiding, and faces arraignment May 29.


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