East Side Football League closing their first round this weekend

A look at the only undefeated team in the Eastern Star Youth Football League in the Big Boys Division, the Lauli’i Patriots, who will face the reigning Champions from Aua, the Redskins this Saturday morning, at the Onesosopo Park. [photo: TG]

This upcoming Saturday, the Eastern Star Youth Football League will close off its first round competition with the final four matches to be held at Onesosopo Park.

As of now, the Lauli’i Patriots are on top with an undefeated record, as the Utumea 49ers, Aua Redskins and Pagai Buccaneers all anchor each other with one loss each in the big boys division. For the Little Boys division, Aua Redskins lead the way with an undefeated record as Lauli’i, Pagai, and Utumea all hold losses to their record.

Last Saturday featured the second week of ESYFL with only four teams at hand, and two divisions at large with a total of eight teams all together.

In regulation, the Lauli’i Patriots and the Pagai Buccaneers managed to face each other for the first time this year, as the Little Boys division kicked off the morning games with their 10 minutes per half match up, summing up to a 20 minutes total for their football competition.


Buccaneers 12 - Patriots 6

In the beginning of their first half, the Buccaneers lead by Vondincklage, opened up the match with their first touchdown of the game, as they held the Patriots on lock down with a five two defense, as they pounded the ball right through the middle of the Patriots four three defense.

4:22 in the first quarter, and the Bucc’s reach the Patriots red zone with a threatening attempt to score, in a second down and goal situation. Playing quarterback was Vondicklage, who swept the ball out to his running back Melvin Lagima who dove into the end zone for the first touchdown of the game.

Then, after the Bucc’s sent the ball back to the Patriots, Foa’i at quarterback for the Pats, led his team all the way down field with a mix up of run and gun activity that had the Buccaneers looking at a hard time stopping the Pats offense.

Foa’i and Heine leading the Patriots into the Buccaneers red zone, finally tied up the ball game when the Bucc’s were expecting a hard running game for a touchdown, but were totally disappointed when they saw Foa’i faking the hand off to Heine, and roll out to air out a tight end release to Jeffery who was wide open for the Pats first touchdown of the game, as they quickly proceeded Into half time with a tied ball game.

The second half of the match up featured the Patriots having a hard time trying adjusting to the Bucc’s offense, as they came back out on the field with a whole different game plan, to continuously keep the ball in the air, gaining huge yardage for first down situations, leading them into Patriot territory.

Then, with the Bucc’s in control of the ball on the Pats 12-yard line, Vondincklage rolled out with an option play as he was tackled hard by DJ Grey into the end zone for another Bucc’s touchdown. Their two point conversion saw Vondincklage again with a quick slant pass out to Melvin again who sent the Buccaneers to a 14 - 6 victory at full time.

Redskins 8 - 49ers 0

The opening of the third match of the day saw the Skins back in action, as they faced the Niners for the first time this season, in the Little Boys division.

Opening up the first half of the game was the Redskins threatening the Niners at mid field, as the Skins went with a sweep play out to Magic Leiataua who stormed out to the side lines, and down to the end zone to score the first touchdown of the game with 34-yard run early in the game with 8:22 into the first half of the game. Their two point conversion was good with a quarterback keep by Kevin Lopesi to send the Redskins on top 8 - 0.

Throughout the second half of the game, both teams fought hard on defense to top each other, rejecting both offensive units from the end zone, as Aua recorded another victory to their undefeated record, with the the Skins leading the way in the Little Boys division after defeating the Niners 8 - 0.


Patriots 40 - Buccaneers 7

In the Big Boys division, the first match of the day — the second game of the day — was between the Bucc’s and the Pats.

Pagai came in strong with their first reception of the game, as they had ball possession of the game after Lauli’i sent off the opening kick off of the game. But, a sweep play that went sour, saw Lauli’i recover a fumble that turned the ball around to the Pats advantage on their own 15-yard line.

Lauli’i’s offense lead by Gus Napoleon, drove the ball down field with a mix up of trick plays and quarterback keeps by Gus, that sent the Patriots back to the Bucc’s 14-yard line for a threatening scoring situation.

6:45 remaining in the first quarter, and Napoleon rolled out to try and find an open man, as the defense were on man to man coverage. Napoleon not finding anyone open decided to run the ball himself, and luckily fell in the end zone — he was tackled by two defenders into the end zone for the first touchdown of the game. Their two point conversion was no good, as they lead the ball game 6 - 0.

Pagai now having possession of the ball, consistently protected it on their way down field. Lauli’i going on an all out blitz to try and stop the running game backfield, was totally tricked when their pursuit to sack the quarterback, cost them a touchdown when the Bucc’s quarterback (#26) scrambled to the end zone to record their first touchdown of the game. Their field goal conversion by (#26) again was good enough to bring the Buccaneers back to lead the ball game 6 - 7.

3:34 remaining in the second quarter, and the Buccaneers encountered a trick play by the Patriots, as Napoleon handed off a reverse play out to Ferrin Manuleleua who was too fast to catch, as he recorded his first touchdown of the game from the Bucc’s 23-yard line, bringing the Pats back to lead the game 12 - 7. Their two point conversion was a quarterback sneak by Napoleon to send the Patriots to a 14 - 7 lead for the first half.

8:22 in the third quarter, and Napoleon leading his offense at mid field, decides to run another trick play, as the reverse pass play saw Napoleon not releasing the ball, but instead keeping it towards the middle, and down to the sidelines as Napoleon is the fastest player on the Patriots team recorded his second touchdown of the game for a 20 - 7 lead.

2:40 remaining in the third quarter, regulation time, as Napoleon again coordinates the same trick play he just scored on, as he had the defense drawn to him, leaving the wide open John Muliaga in the end zone for the pass that sent another six points on the scoreboard for Lauli’i, as they extended their lead 26 - 7.

Then, early in the last quarter of the game, with 9:49 remaining in the game, the Buccaneers still in trouble, were forced to a punting situation on a fourth and long possession. The Bucc’s sending off the kick off, saw Napoleon receiving that kick, which he  brought all the way down to the end zone untouched, as he was too fast for the defense — scoring his third touchdown of the game.

5:32 remaining in the game, the Bucc’s are still having trouble — this time they decide to pass. Their passing game failed, when who also plays strong safety on defense for the Patriots, picked up his third interception of the game, and boosted this one all the way back to the end zone for his fourth touchdown of the game to send the Patriots over the Buccaneers 38 - 7. Their two point conversion was a fake hand off to Manuleleua, as Napoleon aired a bullet out to Damian Su’a for a good two points that closed off the match up with a dominating 40 - 7 victory, as Lauli’i  has yet to record a loss to their record of 2 - 0.

49ers 16 - Redskins 0

The Big Boys divisional match up between the Skins and Niners closed off last Saturday’s four-header match up, as the Redskins, the reigning Champions of last year’s football season, saw their first victory of the season against the Niners last Saturday.

Late in the first quarter, the Niners advancing onto the Skins side of the field with their consistent running game, were very fortunate to find themselves playing a second down situation on the Redskins 10-yard line, as Lafaele Simanu quarterback for the Niners kept the ball into the end zone with three defenders on his back, as he fell into the end zone to mark off the first touchdown of the game. Their two point conversion was a passing situation for the Niners gone sour, when Fred Feleti of the Skins reached the back field early with good timing, and sacked Simanu in the back field for a loss.

The second and third quarter saw a tough battle between both teams, as they played the match at mid field 75 percent of both quarters to only see another scoring situation early in the fourth quarter.

It came in the hands of the Niners again as Simanu faked a pass out to his receiver, and decided to run the ball straight down the middle, as he scored his second touchdown of the game sending the Niners to a 12 - 0 situation. Simanu again on the two point conversion sent the Niners home with a 16 - 0 victory over the reigning Champions Aua Redskins.


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