Samoa Police wait for Pathologist

BRING HER HOME: Aumalo Fuimaono wants his beloved Teuila (insert) home. [Samoa Observer]

A pathologist has yet to be found to conduct a post mortem on a young girl who died more than six weeks ago. Police suspect she died as a result of a beating she received at the hands of her school teacher. The teacher has since been charged with assault and appeared in Court on Monday.

Assistant Police Commissioner, Leaupepe Fatu Pula, said they haven’t received an update on whether a pathologist has arrived or not. “This girl’s body will not be removed from the morgue unless a post mortem is done to identify the cause of her death because it is suspected that she died after she was beaten by her teacher,” he said.

The long delay is not settling well with the bereaved family.
The family of Teuila Fuimalo are concerned and question the reliability about her post mortem and when it will be done.

Her father, Aumalo Fuimalo in a recent interview said the police are giving varying stories about when the post mortem for Teuila will take place.
He said their family is frustrated because they want to bury Teu


ila so they can at least have some closure.

On Tuesday, the teacher accused of the fatal blows that led to the death of the eight-year-old schoolgirl appeared in the District Court. Telesia Funai, 25, of Fausaga Safata, appeared emotionless as she stood before Judge Mata Tuatagaloa to answer to a charge of assault in relation to the injuries of the late Teuila Aumalo Fuimaono.


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