Fono donates to Family Student Support Group project

[photo: Jeff Hayner]

A generous donation of $500 was made yesterday morning from the House of Representatives. In the photo, the Speaker of the House Savali Talavou Ale (far left), during the presentation of the House’s donation to the Family Student Support Group (FAMSS), with founder of the group, Maddy Unutoa (far right) and FAMSS member Sheri Unutoa (center), on hand to receive the donation.

The House donation was matched by another $500 donation from the Senate, presented by President, P.T. Gaoteote, as well as an individual $100 donation given by House Representative Faimealelei Allan.

The donations will go towards a project that the group is working on — scale size models of the US Naval Station Tutuila, the US Capital and US White House, with the goal of taking the models to the schools in the territory to encourage students with leadership skills.

The FAMSS Group is a non-profit, Educational Organization that is made up of local students from public and private schools. Its mission is to help students by providing a platform for the interests, needs and leadership development of young people of American Samoa. It is the goal of FAMSS to empower students to become active citizens, helping our leaders build a better future.

Of the House donation, Unatoa said, “I presented the project of the US Naval Station Tutuila, US Capital and White House, to the Speaker of the House and he was able to help. During our presentation, I asked him specifically to help fund our project, because we are looking for $15,000, and he was able to support us with $500, straight from the Fono House of Representatives.”


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