TEO says seven ARRA Projects worth $18.55 MIL near completion


According to the Territorial Energy Office management, their seven long standing State Energy ARRA Funded projects have been completed or are near completion. These projects include the three offered to ASPA to minimize the electric load it is carrying for American Samoa, and total cost for the seven projects is $18.55 million.

The biggest project was awarded to ASPA for the “1.8megawatt PV System project” which cost $9 million, out of which $7.2 million has already been expended, according to TEO.

“Upon completion of these projects, ASPA should be able to lower our electric costs to all consumers,” according to Christian James Lawson deputy director of TEO and Director of Territorial Energy Office, Mauigoa Reupena Tagaloa, while inspecting the finished work on the two farms housing 500 solar panels on FAA grounds in Tafuna.

The first site, at the east end of the airport runway, houses 1.5 megawatt panels, and the second location near the Tafuna Airport Fire Crash premise houses a 0.3 megawatt installation to make up the total 1.8 megawatt power supply.

On site at the 0.3 megawatt project recently, subcontractor Filifai’esea Peter Young of ASMC Young, said he is thrilled with the completion of the first ever ground Solar Energy project.

“I’m glad, since this project will help our people a lot, and definitely reduce their energy costsI’m . personally happy to be a part of it,” he said.

For the Territorial Energy Office, which was offered the project from the US Energy Department, Mauigoa said, “We have been ranked number one in all of the United States for these State Energy Projects by the US Energy Dept. and that is from doing the job right from start to finish.”

The projects that were allotted to TEO by the U.S.Energy Department must be inspected by four counterparts — TEO, ASPA, the US Energy Dept. and the Contractor Inspection, in this case, Sunwise Technologies of California.

On April 13, 2012, ASPA is scheduled to switch on this energy source from installed inverters on site. The inverters convert DC power to AC power.

The second project is the Organic Ranking Cycle Project whereby ASPA collects Diesel Waste and recycles it for use as a heating element.

It cost TEO $2.037 million, of which $1.629 Million has been expended. The project is near completion.

The third ASPA-TEO project is the Anemometer Project with a projected $150,000 at full cost. TEO has released $120,000 so far. This project measures the strength of wind in most windy parts of American Samoa including Manu’atele, Aunu’u and Tutuila islands. The research is geared towards installing a wind mill power generator.

The other four projects were carried out by TEO and the LBJ Medical Center.

The main project is the installation of Roof Mount PVT 616 kilowatt solar panels in private, government and Non-Profit Organization housing in the territory. This project cost $5.3 million and was completed nine months ago.

TMO Company Warehouse, GHC Reid Co. Ltd, Carl’s Jr. Fast Food Restaurant,  Hope House in Fatuoaiga, and the American Samoa Community College building were among the beneficiaries of the solar panel roof mount project.

Another ARRA funded project that was done by TEO is the Solar Hot Water system project. The TEO installed 32 solar Hot Water systems to those who applied through their program. This project was geared toward the elderly, who filed applications for such at their main office in Tafuna. The cost of this project is $200,000.

The sixth TEO- ARRA Funded project was assigned to LBJ Medical Center and it is called “Solar Hot Water”. It was completed on time with a full cost of $215,000..

The seventh State Energy Program was the purchase of three Electric Vehicles to help reduce the amount of gas usage. The three cars will be given to Territorial Energy Office, American Samoa Community College and one is to be assigned by the governor upon arrival.

The electric cars are specifically manufactured according to specifications from TEO/ARRA, and they will be on island in the next two months, due to shipping time. The cost of this project is $112,000. and TEO has already expended $62,000.

During the interview, TEO management thanked the assigned departments and government authorities for their great effort to complete the projects on time and also for doing their best in installing these new systems according to ARRA & U.S. Energy Department specifications. “This will pave our way with U.S. Energy Dept. and we will be awarded more of their projects in the future, which is to our benefit,” said TEO Director Mauigoa.


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