Miss Samoa hopefuls - step right up

Miss Samoa 2011 Metotisi Komiti-Faalavaau. [The Aucklander]

t's the final call for young Samoan women with a drive towards achieving personal excellence and service to their community to join the Miss Samoa NZ pageant for 2012.

Te'eva Matafai, pageant director, says the Miss Samoa NZ pageant is unlike other pageants in the sense that it is not only about crowning the most beautiful candidate but it aims to preserve, recognise and endorse the Samoan culture and its fundamental values.

"We are looking for girls who have the heart to actually serve the community, girls who are able to carry the crown with a lot of pride and a lot of cultural aspect as well," she says.

Ms Matafai says they have changed the focus of the competition from just winning the crown and the sash to actually serving the community.

"Rather than just being seen at big events, Miss Samoa New Zealand will be attending a lot of community activities up and down the country. We are going to the roots of our community."

She says current Miss Samoa NZ, Metotisi Komiti-Faalavaau, has just concluded her tour of Samoa visiting schools, children's hospitals and homes for the elderly.


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