Fagaloa Basketball Development League update

[photo: Jeff Hayner]

The team  Air Force 1 of the Fagaloa Basketball Development League this past Saturday at the Samoana High School gymnasium during league play. Air Force 1 defeated the team of Atu’u last Saturday by a score of 56- 51 in an action filled battle between these two high flying teams.

In the other games on Saturday, the Ninjas defeated Crossover 60- 54, Manumalo barely got by Team Aua by only 3 points as they defeated Aua 59- 56 and Team Breakers took a forfeit win over Leone. Games are played during the week Tuesday through Friday with the first game having a scheduled starting time of 6:00 p.m. with the second game immediately following. On the weekends on Saturday, the first game has a scheduled starting time of 9:00 a.m. with games to be followed throughout the day. All games are played at the Samoana High School gymnasium.

The shield holder at this time is the team of Futiga Ulafala, who took the shield from Team Airport 64- 60 last Monday March 26 and defended it the next day against Cross Over by defeating them 65- 60 the next day. Futiga is coached by Maota Ernest Aety who is also the Mayor of Futiga. They will be playing the Breakers on Tuesday April 10 in their next game, defending their shield.

According to the league, the main focus this year is on the development of basketball and basic fundamentals of the game so that everyone is using the same rules and regulations-- and for teams to change the play to ‘man to man’ to bring the pace to the level of the rest of the world.


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