McConnell Dowell works on Hope House Rd

McConnell Dowell working hard trying to drain the water that has created mosquito infested pools on the road stretching from in front of the Craddick residence in Ottoville, all the way to Hope House in Fatuoaiga. The work is being done in anticipation of the upcoming events that will take place in that area, including a family funeral today, Catholic Holy Week and Palm Sunday. [photo: TG]

With Palm Sunday tomorrow and Holy Week observed next week by the Catholic Church, another urgent request went out this week from Tualauta Reps. Larry Sanitoa and Tapumanaia Galu Satele Jr. to McConnell Dowell for help draining out water and unclogging any drainage on the Hope House road next to Fatuoaiga.

This road, with other secondary roads in the same area, will be widely used by residents and Catholic church goers for the next several days. Next Friday is Good Friday heading into Easter Sunday, with many Catholics frequenting this road heading into Fatuoaiga for Catholic mass.

“There were a lot of requests not only from Catholic Church leaders but parishioners as well as residents for help in clearing out a lot of water following heavy rains this week,” said Sanitoa, who added that McConnell Dowell crew were at the Hope House site yesterday morning.

Sanitoa said he and Tapumanaia visited this Hope House road site two days ago and the water was so deep “you can tell it’s mosquito infested.”

It was just last week Friday that the McConnell Dowell crew were seen clearing ditches and unclogging drainage on the road in front of the Mormon Church in Ottoville - an area now labeled “Mormon River”.

“...we cannot thank you and McConnell Dowell enough for your commitment in trying to help us with the two problem areas; Mormon River & Hope House Road,” wrote the two Tualauta lawmakers in an email Thursday to McConnell Dowell official Basil Ake.

Once the water is pumped out and the Hope House road site cleared, Sanitoa said the Department of Public Works was expected to “resurvey the Hope House site” to see if there are other options to get the water flowing away from the road, which is also just yards away from the home of a family holding a funeral service today.


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