DMWR Coastal Clean Up update

Pictured here is some of the debris from Poloa and Amanave that had been brought in by Moon Divers, at the Malaloa Dock yesterday morning. [photo: Jeff Hayner]

The latest news from the Department of Marine Wildlife Resources (DMWR) Coastal Cleanup effort is that the work is going very well, according to DMWR Project Coordinator Alice Lawrence. “We’re currently unloading some of the debris that we picked up in Poloa and Amanave,” she told Samoa News yesterday.

“Most of the work has been done now, with only a few sites left,” said Lawrence.

“When we first started in Fagasa, we removed about two tons of debris and by the looks of the stuff we pulled out from the West Side, it looks like another two tons. We have a lot of metal roofing, tires, even household appliances, (and things) like chairs and televisions. They also pulled out metal beams and PVC pipes, along with clothing and carpets and the same trash you see a lot—plastic bottles, bags and beer bottles. The divers have done a great job getting the debris out,” she said.

A survey of the island’s coastal waters got underway late last year by DMWR to locate marine coastal areas that were affected by the 2009 tsunami, as well as the debris that had been placed there.

The main junk being pulled from these affected areas is metal roofing, tires and the usual trash such as plastic bottles, bags, cans and beer bottles, according to Moon Divers, the company contracted to bring the debris out of the water.

To find out more about the DMWR Marine Debris Removal Project, you can contact Project Coordinator Lawrence at the DMWR Office in Fagatogo at 633-4456 or contact her via email: alicelawrence.mpa@gmail.com.


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