Hawkeye: Cutting No Slack!

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” [Eleanor Roosevelt]

“Happiness is wanting what you have, not having what you want.”

There is nothing like a good dose of humor to get your day started. If you are surrounded by humorless duds in the first place you are down 10 points on the social roster. If you allow these Homo sapiens with a sour attitude to get under your skin, you are most apt to be right down at the bottom of the pit looking all sad & lonely the same as the idiots that were just mentioned.

There are Homos that look at you like you are the idiot, but once you get past that caring point, you can allow yourself to stare right back at them without cutting the other party any slack. These Homos are mostly “Two Faced” and are afraid to look you in the eye and share their actual thoughts with you. These are the Homos that would prefer to talk behind your back with the assumption that the idle gossip will not come back around.

Hawkeye has been associated with Homos such as the aforementioned who will sit there grinning a big old toothy grin while they are banging out a threatening letter of warning on their laptop that you will be fired for attempting to do your job! Hawkeye has a couple of those letters that he has framed and sitting right next to his Office desk just as a reminder to never cut these A#s H+@le’s any slack morning or evening! Over.

There that felt better.

It is always good to blow off a little bit of steam when you feel like the safety valve is about to pop! Try this approach and Hawkeye will assure you that you do not need a “Shrink,” and that it is perfectly normal to hold a grudge! It all gets back to that old saying: “Don’t get pissed,” “Get Even!”

Perhaps Hawkeye would have been a little bit further ahead in this world had he have not been so vocal with Two faced Pr+&k’s like the aforementioned, however he certainly feels proud to be a red blooded American Homo sapien with no feelings of guilt! It has been great to have been in Semi Retirement for the past few months, and there is no need to accept S%&tty letters, and Snide Remarks from those who are so self centered that they think their “wind Breakings” have no odor.

Other than that, Hawkeye is darned happy these days, and when he happens to glance at his Threatening letters of warning sitting so close to his desk as reminders of the bygone days when he was forced to take crap from crap-heads! Over.. With that said, let’s all have a nice weekend in Hooterville!

Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor have been riding around in their Chariot for the past couple of days dodging monstrous pot holes. It is a never ending job, keeping the potholes filled, and leveled what with all the inclement rains that we have been experiencing. Having resided in Wonderland for 2 + decades, Hawkeye has endorsed concrete road repairs.

There are concrete roads that now exist that have cracks in them due to heavy traffic and low, if no maintenance. Everywhere else in the world we see concrete roads, and we look further to see maintenance crews out there pouring Hot Tar in the cracks. One thing we do not see is Potholes Ten Years later! Perhaps the initial road construction is more expensive over the asphalt, and perhaps the construction is more inconvenient over that of the asphalt construction, but it is by far cheaper, and convenient in the long run to do the concrete.

While the concrete roads are a bit rougher, they are there until the rabbits come home to roost! This doesn’t mean that our maintenance crews are doing lousy jobs; it simply means that those people could be cut loose to perform other duties other than beating a dead horse filling potholes in an asphalt highway.

But what does this all have to do with the up-coming elections?

Nuthin! Das Wot! Humm..

Hawkeye was stopped dead in his Twacks the other evening by one of the three year old neighbor’s kids. He said: “Hey Hawkeye,” “Who you gwinna Boat Por?” Hawkeye answered: ain’t geeve eet mooch thought there guy! With that, Hawkeye quit while he was ahead..

Hawkeye was considering getting up a roadside begging group to support his Quest for an annual mind flush at Fairhaven. He asked Sweet Leanor what she thought of the idea, and she said: “Isn’t it somewhat Illegal?” Hawkeye answered: “Depends on what day it is!”

Hawkeye misses all the roadside barbecues of bygone days. The aroma of food was everywhere. We ate until we couldn’t eat anymore. Then some Smart Palagi came along and told us that it was killing us, and causing Diabetes. On this note, Hawkeye is glad that there are fewer barbecues, as that means less saturated Fat’s which are not good for the sole!

With that folks, Keep your Chickens Milked, and your Cow’s fed.

With Love:

Hawkeye & Leanor.



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