Dear Editor,

Recently we heard the familiar “sky is falling” rhetoric over the so-called “urgent need” for a $3 million loan to again bailout the financially mismanaged LBJ hospital.  Yet before leaving to attend to business elsewhere, the governor left orders with his lieutenants to only disburse half of the money.  So where is the urgency?

I also seem to recall that the last $10 million loan, from ASG’s now designated “financial food source” for LBJ (the Retirement Fund),  was also rushed through the Fono with the same over-blown sense of urgency.  But 2 years later the hospital still showed a $2.7 million balance from ASG on its now infamous “account receivables”.  So again, where was the urgency?   

The only real urgency for “we the people” is—we urgently need a reprieve from dysfunctional government.

G.M. Malala


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