PO forced to close Monday; sewer line problems


The Post Office was forced to shut down their operations about noon yesterday due to a sewer line problem, which affected the Luamana’i building where the Post Office is housed.

Postmaster Anetere’a Ioane said the problem started around 11:30 a.m. and by noon they had to close down the post office and clear all out all postal employees. He said there was a strong, offensive odor that was coming from the water dripping into the Post Office from the restroom on the second floor.

“This is a health hazard issue for the post office employees and when I contacted the landlord, they said an ASPA crew will be coming over to the building soon. Because the odor was bad I had to close the post office for the safety of  the employees.

“The customers that were coming into the post office said they could smell the bad odor in the office as well,” he said.

The postmaster said that when the water started coming from the roof of the training room in the Post office, it was heading to other parts of the post office and several employees had to move the mail. He said luckily, no mail was affected by the sewer problem.

Samoa News visited the Post Office and observed water on the floor of the main office area including inside the Postmaster’s office, and found the smell “disgusting”.

The Postmaster said he had already contacted their headquarters in Honolulu regarding the problem and they already gave approval to close the Post Office for the day.

Several members of the public who were lining up to pick up their packages from the Post office were upset to find out it was closed.

The Postmaster had signs on the Post office doors indicating the reason for the emergency closure. He assured that the post office should be back to normal operations today.

An employee with ASPA Waste Water Division told Samoa News later in the day that crew members were working on the sewer line problem at the Lumana’i building, and the problem affected only the Lumana’i building.

Other businesses in the building continued ‘as usual’.


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