Samoa opposition aims to rebuild demolished parliament building

Samoa’s first parliament building has been demolished but those who wanted it preserved are not staying quiet.

The opposition Tautua Samoa party leader Palusalue Faapo II has vowed that if his party becomes the government it will rebuild the Maota Fono themselves.

And he believes Samoa should not look for funding from overseas for this project.

The Speaker of Parliament La’aulialemalietoa Leuatea Polataivao has said that the US government has indicated support for restoration of the building.

But Palusalue has told the Samoa Observer, he has seen the letter from the US charge d’affaires Chad Berbert responding to the Speaker’s request for assistance.

Palusalue says the letter is only an acknolwedgement of receipt of the request not a confirmation of funds.

The opposition leader says they believe most of the country will support the project so they would seek help from the people of Samoa to rebuild the Maota fono .


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