Lightning strike kills woman in Fiji

STUDENTS and teachers at Votualevu Public School were left traumatised after they witnessed a woman die instantly from a lightning strike metres away from their classrooms yesterday afternoon.

School manager Pramendra Nath Bharos said teachers had problems containing hysterical children when they saw the woman fall after being struck by lightning.

"They were all screaming and most of them were crying and I think they will be traumatised for quite awhile because of what they saw," said Mr Bharos.

Describing the events leading up to the woman's death, Mr Bharos said the woman went with her daughter to pick up her granddaughter ù a Class One student at the school.

"They had just come in and were waiting for the young girl when the lightning struck them near a mango tree at the school. The woman and her daughter fell to the ground," he said.

Mr Bharos said teachers ran to the aid of the woman but were unable to do anything after discovering that she had died from the blow.


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