Evidence dumped into sea, burnt on hill

L-R Marshal Michael Nix, with Deputy Marshal Gus Grey, Lt. Pele Uia (in charge of the Police Evidence Room) and Deputy Marshal Maua Tupua on their way to officially destroy evidence used in cases, which have already been prosecuted. [photo: JL]

The evidence in cases which have already been prosecuted, and was ordered to be destroyed by the court, was officially disposed of by Court Marshals, with police officers present on Tuesday afternoon.

Marshal Michael Nix and two of his deputy marshals were accompanied by Department of Safety (DPS) Lieutenant Pele Uia (who is in charge of the DPS evidence room) to destroy the evidence.

The evidence was from cases which dated back to 1995, and among other things that were destroyed were fire arms; piles of live ammunition; ipods; cell phones and machetes. This evidence was packed in boxes and loaded onto the Marine Patrol tug boat and disposed of into the ocean a mile from shore.

The disposing of evidence was carried out by Marshal Nix and Deputy Marshals Gus Grey and Maua Tupua. Marshal Nix explained that the evidence had come from more than 20 cases which dated back more than ten years.

Evidence to dispose, included six big boxes filled with marijuana plants, joints, seeds, dried leaves and a box which contained half a pound of methamphetamine. They were burned on top of the tram way hill on Tuesday afternoon.

According to Marshal Nix, the last time evidence was destroyed was last year, 2011.


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