photo: Jeff Hayner

The American Samoa High School Athletic Association (ASHSAA) wrestling season is just warming up, and it’s third regular season tournament is scheduled for tomorrow Feb.18 at Leone High School, starting time 9:00 a.m.

At last week’s tournament held at Faga’itua High School, the Tafuna Warriors were able to pull victory for the second straight time in as many tournaments, with the Faga’iuta Vikings taking second once again.

Due to lack of wrestlers in the lighter weights — all of the Samoana Sharks wrestlers are in the higher weight classes — Samoana High School is having a difficult time making it into the Top 4 in tourney play.The same goes for the South Pacific Academy Dolphins, who have a lack of wrestlers in most of the weight classes.

Nu’uuli VocTech Wildcats and Kanana Fou Stallions have steadily improved, but still continue to finish in the middle of the pack. The Leone Lions, who started out strong during pre-season play, have been riddled with injuries, forcing head coach Zena Iese, to use less experienced wrestlers.

The head of the American Samoa Wrestling Association, Ethan Lake, continues to extent  an invitation to the public to all the tourneys, usually held on Saturday — which includes the one this week at Leone High School. 

“The season has been going great. The competition has been outstanding with great wrestling,” said Lake.

For more information on wrestling you can contact Lake at 770-1006 or email him at asa@fila-wrestling.com.


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