Tropical cyclone Jasmine now cancelled for Tonga’s main island

Tonga’s met office has now cancelled the tropical cyclone warning for Tonga’s main island of Tongatapu.

Tropical cyclone Jasmine passed over Tonga on Tuesday night, the second cyclone to hit the kingdom in over a week.

The Ministry of Agriculture has been assessing the extent of the damage caused by Jasmine on crops and plantations in the Kingdom.

It says in the central district, 80 percent of banana trees were damaged, while crops and plantations on the western side of Tongatapu are believed to suffered the most damage.

A similar survey will soon be carried out to crops on the eastern side of the island.

Tonga Radio also reports all government schools in the kingdom will resume next Monday.

Meanwhile, many families who were evacuated to different centres while tropical cyclone Jasmine hit the capital Nuku’alofa have not yet returned to their homes due to flood damage.

It is not yet confirmed when they will return to their homes.


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