Cruise Ship Queen Elizabeth pulls into port

photo: Jeff Hayner

Cunard Lines’ stunning cruise ship, the Queen Elizabeth visited the territory on Valentine’s Day, with nearly 2000 passengers onboard. According to Cruise International Magazine, the introduction of this ship in October, 2010 brought  “a return to the golden age of cruising — with tea dances, black-tie dinners and culturally-enriching voyages”.

 The addition of the Queen Elizabeth put Cunard’s fleet back at three; since the retirement of QE2 in 2008, only Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria have been flying the Cunard flag.

“Cunard has delved deep into its 170-year history to create an image for this new, 90,400-ton, 2,092-passenger ship, drawing on the heritage of the original Queen Elizabeth, a once state of- the-art liner that carried passengers across the Atlantic in style between 1946 and 1968.” said Cruise International.

Her first world cruise began in January, 2011, which included American Samoa, making this her second visit to the territory.

The Queen Elizabeth is the second largest ship to be constructed for Cunard, exceeded only by the Queen Mary 2. The owner of the Queen Elizabeth is Carnival Corporation & Pic.  The ship cost U.S. $560 million, with its current home in Hamilton Parish, Bermuda. Its length is 965 feet, 16 total decks, with 12 accessible to passengers, and a speed of 23.7 kts.


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