Drug raid finds marijuana planted at Nu’uuli home


The latest drug bust occurred yesterday morning by the Vice and Narcotics Division, when it is alleged officers uncovered more than ten live marijuana plants planted around a family home in Nu’uuli. Police executed a search warrant on the suspect’s residence and came across four marijuana plants growing inside a plastic bowl and ten marijuana plants surrounding the home.

The plants, which have a street value of $5,000 were tested positive for THC, or  tetrahydrocannabinol, the main mind-altering (psychoactive) ingredient in marijuana, and it is alleged some plants were as high as three feet tall. Police also confiscated two glass pipes, six marijuana joints and loose, dried marijuana leaves.

The Vice and Narcotics Division is now working on the police report to be forwarded to the Attorney General’s office for prosecution. In the meantime, police arrested the 45-year old man who owns the residence. The suspect is behind bars for 48 hours awaiting charges by the government.

Police said this same suspect was also arrested back in the 1980’s for similar conduct.


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