Northern Marianas police launch homicide inquiry

Police in the Northern Marianas have launched a homicide inquiry after the body of a missing bartender was discovered in an abandoned building.

Emerita Relata Romero had been reported missing after she didn’t show up for a work shift during the weekend.

FBI officers discovered the 37 year old’s body on Tuesday, which is now undergoing an autopsy

Her brother identified the body and said there was no doubt his sister was killed.

Our correspondent Mark Rabago says the case has left her family and local people shocked.

“They want authorities to find the one who killed her who murdered her and brought to justice. Everyone is antsy as there is a killer on the lose and she was kidnapped before that.”

Mark Rabago says the discovery doesn’t give much hope to another missing person case, that of the Luhk sisters, who disappeared on their way to school last year.


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