New titleholders to assist family

MOALA FAMILY: Motuopua’a Siaki, Loise Moala, Moala Fialii Moala, Tautaimatapala Faresa Lui, May Tautaimatapala Lui and Alaseu Vili Moala. [Photo: Marieta H. Ilalio]

A new generation of matai were blessed last week to help their family develop and maintain traditions left by past holders. The Moala family of Saina bestowed two orator titles on two of their sons. The ceremony started with an “ava” and blessings from one of the senior matai of the family, Motuopua’a Siaki.

Speaking to the Sunday Samoan, one of the new matai, Moala Fiali’i Moala the title Moala was held by his late father, Moala Fa’aletaua, who passed away a year ago.
“I feel very humble to accept this request from our family so that I can help them in whatever way I can,” Moala said.

The other new titleholder was Tautaimatapala Faresa Lui, an orator title also.


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