Sex education positive move, says Minister

EDUCATION MINISTER: Magele Mauiliu Magele and Aeau Chris Hazelman. [Samoa Observer]

The plan by Catholic schools to introduce sex education into its curriculum is supported by the Minister of Education, Sports and Culture, Magele Mauiliu Magele.

In fact, Magele said sex education has always been embedded in government schools teachings but “was never taught in isolation”.
“Aspects of it (sexuality) have always been there in the curriculum called Gender Education under Health and Physical Education,” the Minister said.

“It teaches about body parts, their function and stages of puberty.” Magele told the Samoa Observer that when sexuality


is being taught, there are always traditional buffers in place that protect students and are there to help teachers.

He said the Ministry assists students by encouraging them to look after themselves and advising them on making informed decisions in finding partners and relationships between family and villages.

The Minister supported the move from Catholic schools saying such topics need to be taught so that students are well informed of the consequences of HIV Aids and also methods of prevention.


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