Court Report



Four female juveniles spent the night at the Juvenile Detention Center in connection with a school fight earlier this week.

All four students from Tafuna High School are charged with public peace disturbance; however the government is looking at filing additional charges, says Assistant Attorney General Terrie Bullinger. The four girls appeared before District Court Judge John Ward, yesterday.

It’s alleged they were involved in a fight on the school premises and within their villages for two days straight. Bullinger said two of the girls involved are on probation for previous fighting incidents.

Police said one of the juveniles walked into the classroom and grabbed the victim on her head and banged it on the desk in front of the teacher. The four juveniles were released to the custody of their parents and they are due to appear in the District Court Monday.


A man who was allegedly caught by police selling illegal drugs will be arraigned in the High Court today. Pago Plaza security guard, Matafua Mataipule is facing charges of unlawful distribution of a controlled substance (marijuana) and unlawful possession of a controlled substance (marijuana) with intent to distribute.

According to court filings the vice and narcotics officers received a tip from a Confidential Informant (CI) that the defendant had given him a marijuana joint as a sample. It’s alleged that on the same day police met with the CI and retrieved the marijuana joint.

According to court filings police obtained a search warrant for the defendant and the CI was contacted for another controlled buy of four marijuana joints. Police then executed the search warrant on the defendant and found five hand-rolled marijuana joints inside the pocket of his shirt, in addition police found 10 marijuana joints inside the defendant’s pouch.

The document alleged police confiscated 19 marijuana joints that were tested positive for marijuana.

The defendant waived his right to a preliminary examination in the District Court yesterday.


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