World Premiere of Tuiga 2 at Maliu Mai

Pictured with Aukuso (center) is the Reverend Samuel Fiu Unutoa (left), who came to the opening in honor of his wife, Mareta Purcell Unutoa, who played one of the leads in the feature film, which ran about 80 minutes. Papali’i Tafia Fiame Taimalelagi (right) — someone Lupe-lu (who MC’d the evening) called “our very own Elizabeth Taylor” as Papali’i also acted in the movie, much to the delight of family and friends. [photo: tlh]

On Tuesday evening, January 31st, a very special film held its World Premiere at Maliu Mai Beach Resort in American Samoa. Entitled “Tuiga 2”, the film was created by Samoan filmmaker Tanupo Aukuso, (pictured, center) as the second in a series of films he has written about his beloved homeland, and the social and familial problems which young people face there. 

His first full length film, Tuiga 1 was filmed in Samoa and held its World Premiere there. It has been featured in New Zealand film festivals, and he may enter it into stateside festivals once it is sub-titled.  (The film is done completely in the Samoan language).

As filmmaker, Aukuso was responsible for all aspects of the film, including the script, casting, editing, and sound production. He looks forward to collaborating with others, as the fledging film industry in Samoa grows.

Aukoso told Samoa News that he was extremely happy with the acting abilities of the people whom he chose for the film, saying that there is a “huge pool of talent” here and that the Samoan people are natural born actors. The film played to a packed house of family and friends, including government officials, pastors, dignitaries and business owners.


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