No qualifying yet, next chance in March

courtesy photo

On Saturday, CJ Floor, Jr. once again met up with Priscus Fogagnolo from Australia, (or ‘Spartacus’ as Team American Samoa nicknamed him) in the semi-finals of the Senior Wrestling  Division- 96 kg, which finished with Priscus taking the Gold.

Despite not qualifying for the 2012 Olympic Games in these Oceania Championships, the young Team American Samoa brought home 9 medals, which include two golds. In the meantime, American Samoa still has a chance to qualify for the upcoming Olympics, with another qualifier competition, the African & Oceania Qualification Tournament, in Casablanca, Morocco, March 16- 18.

Help support your local wrestlers through the American Samoa Wrestling Association (ASWA) to make it to this qualifier. Contact Ethan Lake for more details. (For latest postcard update, see today’s Sports section)


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