Fiji fears new weather disaster

A week after a killer flood, Fiji's western districts are again on alert as the country's sugar and tourist belt is pounded by heavy rain.

Six people were killed in last week's storm.

Just after 5pm today, Fiji's National Disaster Management Office (DISMAC) broadcast appeals for all government department heads to report to their offices immediately - particularly in Lautoka.

"The Western Division is experiencing heavy rainfall and people in low lying areas are advised to move to evacuation centres or high ground," DISMAC said.

"People evacuating are advised to bring food, water and clothes with them. "People are advised not to wait until dark to seek safety."

Hundreds of New Zealanders will be in the area, Fiji's main tourist destination.

State run Fiji Broadcasting quoting Commissioner Western Commander Joeli Cawaki issuing a flood warning, saying that although the tropical depression is moving away from Fiji, more rain is expected with more flooding.

"We are now changing our mode of operation from recovery and rehabilitation to preparedness and response," he told the broadcaster.


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