photo: Jeff Hayner

The Holiday Fast Pitch Softball League, which is sponsored by the American Samoa Government, Department of Parks and Recreation, American Samoa National Olympic Committee and the American Samoa Softball Association, at the Tony Solaita Baseball Field, will be heading into its playoffs this coming Monday.

On Monday Jan. 30, in the women’s division, the American Samoa Baseball Association (ASBA) will be playing the team of Alanoa; Tuesday, Jan.31, will see action in the men’s division as the team of Alanoa will be battling it out with the Leone Angels; and on Wednesday, Feb. 1, also in the men’s division, ASBA will be playing against the Spartans.

All of these games have a starting time of 4:30 p.m. and will be played at the Tony Solaita Baseball Field.

The consolation and championship games will be played on Saturday morning on February 4. President of the American Samoa Softball Association, Larry Sanitoa, would like to invite the public out to the playoffs next week, as well as the consolation and championship games on Saturday 2/4.

Here is the final regular season standings:


TEAMS            WON            LOSS            TIE

Alanoa            0            8            0

War-Cats            5            3            0

Leone Angels            5            3            0

ASBA            6            2            0


TEAMS            WON            LOSS            TIE

Leone Angels            3            5            0

ASBA            6            1            1

Alanoa            4            3            1

Spartans            2            6            0


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