SDA to open their very own book store — 1st in the territory


The Seventh Day Adventist Church’s very own book store, the Adventist Book Centre (ABC) — a non-profit organization, is coming to American Samoa in the next three weeks.

The Samoa Centre is an entity of the Seventh-day Adventist Church Headquarters for Samoa, American Samoa and Tokelau based in Samoa, and was established in 2007.

ABC director, I'o Tuakeu-Lindsay said ABC products are principally produced by the church for its members, its departments and for the general public. 

“It has a wide range of printed literature for all age groups from pre-school through to teens, adults both men and women. audio (CD's) and audio-visual material (DVD's); with resources covering a wide selection of interest areas such as health & healing, family, bibles and bible study helps, women, men, youth, puzzles, board games, and much more.”

She noted that ABC would like to show case to the church membership and the community here, the products and resources that are produced by our church publishing companies — Review & Herald, and Pacific Press in the USA, Stanborough Press in the UK, as well as the Signs Publishing Company in Australia.

“We are working closely with the Adventist Printing Services in Samoa to produce materials in the Samoan language, and look forward to advancing this initiative. This year is the first time that we have an opportunity to expose the ABC ministry to the wider community of American Samoa.

“So, we're looking forward to meeting as many people as we can”.

Lindsay said in addition to the products that they carry, they are actively involved in promoting our Healthy Living Workshops where they will present in a 3-hour workshop a few simple 'truths' that will help to improve the general health and well being of our people.

She explained that they have completed 2 successful workshops already with the 3rd being planned for next week.

Lindsay said one of ABS’s successful initiative of the ABC ministry is inspirational Christian music and they will also organize three evenings where the general public can come along and enjoy Christian/gospel music and be entertained by a variety of special guest artists — featuring the 'New Hope' singers.

Lindsay said on Nov. 9, 2012 they will be at Litani's Shopping Complex in Nu'uuli, on Sunday, Nov. 11, 2012 they will be at the Seven Days Adventist compound, Ili'ili and on Wednesday at the Governor Rex Lee Auditorium.  

Lindsay is a graduate from University of Auckland, New Zealand, she’s married to Jon Lindsay and have two children with five grandchildren. She is originally from the Cook Islands and is of Samoan descent. She’s an active member of the SDA and was Director for Hospitality and Tourism Training; CEO for Tourism; CEO for Environment; International Environmental Advisor to Government and held a Management Position for the regional environment organization SPREP in Samoa for 2 years before her post was made redundant in 2004/ 2005.

She was trained and developed skills in International negotiations, specifically in the area of multilateral environmental agreements for the Cook Islands and Pacific region.

Lindsay attends ABC marketing seminar held in Melbourne, Australia, annually and each year they are graded on performance and delivery of outputs based on a standard accreditation program that determines the success of every ABC in the Pacific region. 

Last year ABC gained 5-star status. “We are the only ABC in the Pacific (only PNG, Sol. Islands, Fiji and now Samoa have ABC outlets) to commence on a 3-star rating, we were then awarded 4-Star for 3 consecutive years, before achieving the 5-Star Award...” said Lindsay.


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