OSOS class takes a reef walk

photo: Jeff Hayner

The pilot Ocean Swimming/Ocean Science (OSOS) Physical Education (PE) Class at Samoana High School had a reef walk in Fatu ma Futi, as part of their OSOS/ PE class program.

“The kids are here studying the reef and are logging down the different things that they encounter and see. They are just getting familiar with looking at the ocean floor to see what is down there,” said the instructor from the ‘Toa o’le Tai’ (Ocean Heroes) program and head of the American Samoa Aquatics Agency, Zero Iaulualo. “They are learning to write detailed descriptions about what they are looking at and will later learn what it is that they described.”

The pilot OSOS PE class at Samoana is utilizing instructors from the ‘Toa o’le Tai’ (Ocean Heroes) program, to teach the students ocean swimming and ocean science to increase the student’s health, safety and knowledge of the ocean. The students meet four days a week in the water, usually at Utulei Beach Park (unless field trips are planned or if there is bad weather). Classes include hands on training and instruction in the water, with one day a week set aside for classroom instruction.


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