OP ED: “On the importance of Education in American Samoa”

Education in American Samoa is an important matter, and if it is not thought of as one of the most serious issues we face, the bright future that our island desires will never be met.

There are debates on our education because of its mistakes and they seem to extend to all walks of life. We need to understand that a well-educated and skilled workforce can be of great use to our island. Education is the most important tool to help us meet the requirements of the first point.

As a product of education, I’ve seen it become a weak link within our territory and it can be very discouraging. We must search for a solution to all of the pros and cons within our education system and fix it. The solution should allow all walks of life to excel in the education realm. After all, the children of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. 

My idea of education is simple. Education should not only be a concern, but also be an action that should be taken in a more professional matter. It is very crucial that not only the students take education seriously, but the leaders that guide them along the way as well.

Education is not a ‘one way’ matter. Efforts from both ends of the classroom must be exerted to full capacity to well prepare students for post-secondary opportunities and broaden their range for better career opportunities as well. 

In doing this, we should look into new of creating motivational programs that will attract the attention of students of all ages and eligible teachers that are ready to take the job. After school programs can help students that need tutoring on a certain subject or students that lack help from home. Counselors have a lot of impact on students and their education.

It is time for us to treat children with the belief that we are working with precious resources when we seek to educate young people.

Many people find themselves questioning the importance of a college education. They ask themselves, “Why is it important to go to college or have an education?” One answer is extremely evident in today’s economy. In order for one to succeed in life with little or no financial struggles, one has to have an education that will later lead them to the career of their choice. A college education or having an educational background serves as an open door to better options and more opportunities.

My reasons for education do not begin and end with the financial aspect. When students seek post-secondary education, we have an opportunity to read books and experience lectures from top experts. This encourages students like me to think in different ways, ask questions and explore new ideas, which allows additional growth and development as well as providing an edge in the job market compared to those without a higher education.

“One of the reasons I want education to become a well structured learning aspect is because it encourages and contributes to the belief that life is orderly, that things happen when they are controllable.” For me, a personal satisfaction and having the feeling of accomplishment is one that cannot easily be topped. A college education proves you to be qualified for your future path.  It is there where we will learn how to grow as people, students, and as the future business professional we want to become. 

For any future business professional in training, a good, solid facility is needed. These facilities of training, better known as school buildings, have to be provided as well. No education or learning can go smoothly without, as was mentioned earlier, a ‘controllable’ environment that our students can use to focus on their work, tasks and goals.

The facilities need to be up to par with standards not only on island, but also on a national level.  This will guarantee that we are getting the best of the best for ‘our’ best of the best. This also begs the question whether or not we are properly funding our school buildings. Obviously noticeable on our island are the many government buildings being built and renovated. For years, many of our school buildings, most of them government buildings, have not had their conditions improved in order to suit the learning conditions of our students. 

Nothing can be done if it is left to only one side to come up with all the solutions. Students, teachers, and our government need to perform as one in order to achieve the full educational potential of which we are more than capable.


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