Eight-year-old in custody in Samoa after fatal shooting


A five-year-old boy from New Zealand who was visiting Samoa with his mother was fatally shot near the village of Samamea and his eight-year-old cousin is reportedly in police custody.

The two boys had been out with their uncle shooting pigeons and collecting coconuts when the incident happened this past Wednesday night (Samoa time).

The father of the older boy Pita Leausa told the Samoa Observer a loaded gun had been left under a tree and the boys were fighting over it when the younger of the pair was shot in the face.

"My brother turned away for less than a minute then the next minute he heard a gunshot," Mr Leausa said.

The eight-year-old boy has been in police custody since the incident and could be charged with murder, according to the Observer.

However, ONE News in New Zealand understands he will not be charged with anything.

His uncle, who owns the gun, was also taken in for questioning and is to be charged.

Speaking to the Weekend Observer at his home yesterday, the eight-year-old's father said the incident that led to the death was tragic. Asked how the family is coping, the mother of the eight-year-old burst into tears. "He didn't mean to hurt anyone," she said.

Sources: AAP News Agency, ONE News NZ


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