Safety program focuses on 8- 13 years old

Some of the 4th grade students at Manulele Elementary School who took part in the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day Program yesterday morning. The program is hosted by the American Samoa Community College/Community Natural Resources each year, and its goal is to teach the students safety and health lessons that can keep them, and those around them, safe and healthy on a farm, ranch or at home. [photo: Jeff Hayner]

Manulele's Elementary school 4th grade class took part Friday morning in a special program highlighting safety in the home and on the farm. Called a ‘Progressive Agriculture Safety Day Program’ it was was hosted by the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) Community Natural Resources (CNR).

There were activities and demonstrations of First Aid by LBJ EMS, Food Safety from ASCC/CNR and Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) Chemical Safety for Children by American Samoa Environmental Agency (AS-EPA) Also presented was safety regarding Hand Tools & Safety Equipment, presented by ASCC/CNR Agriculture Extension.

“This is a national program from the National Institute of Farm Safety in the United States and this is the eighth year that we have been hosting these safety days, with our main target being kids in the 8-13 age group, which is fourth grade to eighth grade,” said Agriculture Extension Agent with the ASCC Land Grant and the Safety Day coordinator Amio Mavaega-Luvu.

She went on to explain that they are teaching the kids about how to be safe around chemicals like, clorox, insect sprays and mosquito coils. Another subject discussed with the students was the proper use of tools such as rakes and other garden tools as well as electric tools. Food safety was also discussed along with making emergency calls to EMS and knowing what to do in an emergency that needs First Aid.

“Our goal and objective is to teach and show the students what to do in certain situations and always put safety first,” she said.

On Friday, the program will take place at Samoa Baptist School.

According to the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day website, www.progressiveag.org, these one day events teach children safety and health lessons that can keep them and those around them safe and healthy on a farm, ranch or at home. The program is designed to reach 8-13 year olds. However, there are separate materials that can be used to reach 4-7 year olds.

After completing one Safety Day, coordinators are encouraged to include adults whenever possible. The adults can reinforce what the children learn and take steps to further protect the children at home. Safety Days can be conducted for specific schools, school classes or they can be open to the entire community.

Also according to the website, some of the topics discussed during program include safety in, being home alone, knife safety, hidden hazards, water safety, propane safety, electrical safety, sun safety, disability awareness, roadway safety and animal safety along with other topics.


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