Marshalls fisheries experts urged to return home

The Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority Director says he wants to expand local fisheries conservation and development efforts in the outer islands.

The Mariannas Variety reports that Glen Joseph is appealing to Marshall Islanders living abroad who have marine science qualifications to return home and work on outer island fisheries projects.

This comes as commercial fishing in the region is booming and fishing day access fees paid by distant water fishing nations to the Marshall Islands are doubling.

This has seen a windfall of funding into the Authority’s coffers in the past year.

A lot of the revenue has been used by the government to bail out Air Marshall Islands and the government’s utility company.

However, Mr Joseph expects more money will be invested for outer islands development.

He says talk about sustainable fisheries development and conservation is meaningless unless there are on-the-ground developments in the outer islands, utilising the skills of local people.


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