Women’s President’s Cup heads to final round

Sina Luani, right, of the Tafuna Jets in action against Vaiala Tongan’s Mele Mau during their Round 2 women’s 2012 FFAS President Cup match on Sept. 29 at Pago Park Soccer Stadium. Tafuna won 9-0. [FFAS MEDIA]

The women’s 2012 FFAS President’s Cup tournament heads into its final round with two of the three group’s No. 1 seeds already secured.

Also in contention is the search for the best team out of all the No. 2 seeds in each pool as that squad will make up the four teams in the playoffs.

The top seeds for Pools B and C have been determined as Utulei Youth as been awarded a forfeited win over Lion Heart to give them a group best 9 points.

Kiwi Soccers tops Pool C in the same fashion as they have been declared forfeited winners over Ilaoa & To’omata for a group best 9 points as well.

Black Roses, leaders of Pool A with 6 points need to win against Vaiala Tongan and all signs point to that occurring without a doubt.  When these two teams met in a National League match Black Roses trounced Vaiala Tongan 12-0.

Pago Youth is in control of the best No. 2 spot with four points, one more than Pool A’s Tafuna Jets and Green Bay.  All other teams have zero points.

With four points, all they have to do is beat Taputimu Youth, if not then the winner of the Green Bay vs. Tafuna Jets match could end up in the playoffs as being the best No. 2 team of the competition.


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