Empowerment of women on the agenda at int'l conference being held here

Women leaders from around the Pacific are meeting in American Samoa this week to discuss issues focussing on the empowerment of women.

The conference is looking at the status of women, raising the voice of women in business, culture and its effects on business, leadership development, equality, and making a difference in government.

Organised by the American Samoa branch of Business and Professional Women, the opening address came from the body’s international president, Freda Miriklis.

She says if more women were in decision-making roles, the world could be moving more assuredly toward economic, social and environmental sustainability.

“It requires a fundamental transformation, a paradigm shift in how government makes and enforces law and policies and how business invests and operates, how women make choices in the market place. It requires the voice of civil society to lead the change.”


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