Samoa rain limits rationing to one part of capital

People in Samoa urged to replant to save water for the future

People in Samoa are being urged to replant cleared areas in order to conserve water.

The call follows almost a week of rationing in the capital Apia, following months of public warnings to people to reduce their water use.

The Samoa Water Authority’s managing director says rain over the past couple of day has replenished the main reservoirs and only the Vailima area remains on rations.

Tainau Titimaea says although water levels are far healthier than at this time last year, climate change-related shortfalls will continue to have to be managed.

“Long-term we need to look at people trying to plant whatever they cut, they should replant so that in the long term the water catchment is actually looked after. At the moment they’re slowly being cut - the trees and all that.”

Tainau Titimaea says water is a commodity that will get scare in future if something is not done about improving the country’s water resource catchment areas.


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