Pacific Games Council says Tongan bid is sound

The Pacific Games Council says it is confident that Tonga’s successful bid to host the 2019 Pacific Games stacks up financially.

Tonga beat out Tahiti 16-6 in a vote at the Council’s General Assembly last week and must now find a budget of 70 million US dollars to cover the construction and operational costs for the Games.

The Executive Director of the Pacific Games Council, Andrew Minogue, says Tonga is not the first country to have a Pacific Games where they’re relying on donor countries to help with the development of infrastructure.

“It’s a well established precedent now, going back several games, with Samoa, Cook Islands, Fiji, all having aid programmes with donor countries that left some good sporting legacies and we think that that will continue with Tonga. We will make sure that they don’t overspend on their venues. That they don’t need to be building massive infrastructure over there for this, essentially two week sporting event. The fields of play and the venues just have to be adequate, they don’t need to be grand.”

Andrew Minogue from the Pacific Games Council.


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