Dear Editor:

In responding back to Maria's Opinion regarding my letters to the editor, first of all; I would like to say thank you for your thoughts and I do appreciate the fact your writing regarding the issues I've mentioned in my writings.

But here's the situation, I believe in every human given rights there is for a person to write or say whatever they know or feel like when an issue is at stake, and it's affecting our people without anyone even voicing it out or stir up the issues that our officials are doing to us — like you said.

The fact that you said that we all need to make up our minds! No offense but, on what grounds? I'm not against our government because we the people is the government. It doesn't matter who our Leaders and Officials are — the ones who are governing us with the authority to make laws. But I believe in democracy and the freedom of speech.

I'm not against our system. And I'm not against the modernized and the Americanized living we're adapted to right now. It shows that life is escalating and progressive.

However, let's not forget how we were brought up to be and where we are right now. Our Culture represents who we are and blood that blisters our veins. Yes, change is good to adapt to but, our culture and values signifies who we are. And I'm proud to be A True Born Samoan.


Tala Galo Faasavalu Jr.
San Francisco, CA. 94132


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