Drift HD, Cool Deal for Coolios

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The Drift HD is smaller than the Drift 170, fits in a dive housing to 30ft, shoot incredibly sharp HD video, stills, has remote, and just for Coolios a special limited $50 discount. Photo by Barry Markowitz

When Levine Toilolo joined 30,000 Stanford fans who rushed the field after beating USC, my Drift HD captured everything with its wide angle magic. Down in hold #5 on a purse seiner in the middle of Pago Pago Harbor, it was the Drift HD that captured the tonnage .  Now with a water housing capable of going 30 feet down, I can be more edgy in getting the stuff that most people never get to see.  

Yeah, with the water housing, the purse seiner boys dropped the Drift HD 50 foot down to where the huge tuna are stored/loaded, and then stuck it in the net with the fish. Try that with any other camera, it just doesn't survive. We tossed the righteous Drift HD around like a football, up the dock, down on the skiff, up the purse seiner, down the hold, up the net, and into the my favorite place... the galley (where the Drift HD got a wipe down, and I got hydrated and pigged out.)

When the Drift Innovation executive big shot usos saw photos of me in action, I got back an email saying that they wanted to thank the People of Samoa for letting me play with Drifts in the Territory by giving $50 off every unit til the end of October.  Go to: Shop: http://store.driftinnovation.com and when you select your unit, type in "action2012".    See all their products at Website: http://www.driftinnovation.com

Bizarre happening earlier this month maybe you guys can explain to me. Ran all over the Western District trying to watch my little Savaiian's football game. Maliu Mai Resort was TV dysfunctional, Toa Bar was out catering, so I dashed to a hotel bar. Great luck, nobody in the bar at 2pm, the helpful waitresses got the game on the big screen, served me Oka, Vailima, Poke, and sashimi with taro. I was in heaven, had my fresh fish, my precious Vailima, and my pals (actually distant relatives) hanging to my side. Out of nowhere, a non indigenous (is that another nice name for Palagi?) fool walks into the bar, direct to the TV and changes the channel without asking anybody. So I let out a few inappropriate words about his expressed desire to swim with the sharks and stood up to seek an explanation. The fool said, "I have some ka-ching, coin, on the Ram game, which is obviously more important than what your watching."

Of course with all delicacy my distant relative responded, "You got a USC Savaiian kid playing, with his Daddy bustin' his butt to see him more than 9,000 miles away, and you think illegal gambling is more important? Are you out of your xxxx mind?"

The sorry dude said something about buying us drinks for life. I suggested that he take a long walk on a short Niuean pier.  

At half time I gave him the TV but personally decided he didn't deserve much sound.  So I hope he liked reading the QB and commentator's lips. He had about 10% audio.

Next time my special games happen, I am renting out the bar for a private party. Just Coolios and Savaiians invited... which is about 95% of the Territory.  And by the way, is that guy's deportation papers written yet (illegal gambling, messing with a Savaiian familiy's football broadcast, and trying to wear an ie fai taga while looking like a nerd)?

Coolios gettin' some kind of discounts for life, that how we role from now on.


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