Pat Lam in no hurry to decide coaching future

The former Manu Samoa captain Pat Lam says he’s in no rush to make a decision about his next full-time coaching job.

Lam was sacked as coach of the Blues Super Rugby side earlier this year after the team finished 12th of 15 teams.

He is assisting Manu Samoa on their tour to the Northern Hemisphere next month but says he’s happy to wait for the right opportunity after that.

“Just assessing, taking my time and enjoying the break really. I couldn’t cook anything except eggs and bacon before and it’s been throughly enjoyable to step back and relax. There’s things there but again I don’t want to rush anything - I want to make sure that the next role I go into is the right role and obviously the family and particularly if it’s oversea, so just taking my time and you’ll find out when I do sign something.”


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