Hawkeye: Going for the Dairy Awards

“An effort made for the happiness of others lifts us above ourselves.”

“Let’s treat history as a vast early warning system.”

So; Sweet Leanor said to her beloved Hawkeye: why did you select that for a title piece for your column? Hawkeye replied: Cuz everywhere we go of late we see people milking the system! Over.

Good morning to all good friends, fans, and long time readers of Hawkeye. Milking it ain’t all that bad if we know we can get away with it! It seems however to be getting tougher to skirt the systems these days fans. If ya don’t believe Hawkeye, just read the News Media, and watch the “Boob Tube” and we can see what Hawkeye is talking about.

Someone suggested in a L.T.E. the other day that we would be better off without grants monies from Unca Sam! “HELLO” Wake up out there wherever you are! Let’s not even suggest it! Let’s for once, play by the rules, and get on with the business of living.

Hawkeye heard the other day that the stores were half empty of “White Sunday” shoppers. You cannot prove this by Hawkeye. Everywhere he went, Hawkeye was stumbling over someone lying down in the aisles in a feeble attempt at allowing foot traffic a chance to keep on moving! What Hawkeye is now looking forward to is the Presidential Debates on Tuesday, Octopah 16, AD, 2012.. This will prove to be a real nail biter fans! Hawkeye will not miss this for de vourld! We are at a turning point in our quest for a continuation of a free loving society. We must keep our Lava Lava’s hiked to an acceptable distance above da hip, in order to get the maximum from da debates!

“Candy Curley” as the preselected moderator of these debates has said that she will get herself involved. She is not going to be satisfied to simply sit there in an attempt to look “Purdy!” We shall see folks. What Hawkeye and a few of his friends are missing is the FNC so they can get a look at the udder side of the coin. This is almost next to being disgraceful folks! Mind you; this is only Hawkeyes opinion!

There is an age old saying pertaining to opinions…Humm. The debate between the “Wanna Be” Presidents went off as planned. The News Media as usual was nothing but next to Bias when it came right down to the “Nitty Gritty” and who actually won. Hawkeye would have felt much better about paying his monthly Cable Bill should Fox News have been broadcast along with CNN. In doing so, CNN could have told us what they want us to hear, and Fox News could have told CNN just how it all went down, and for the matter at hand, just who might be the next Presetene, [President] ob the United Estete! [United States]

Hawkeye has a friend who resides in the great State of Florida.

He sent Hawkeye some photos that have kept him awake at night.

The photo was of two or three Rednecks with a Huge Burmese Python Snake that had swallowed a Wild Boar, or a Deer. [Or perhaps a Redneck?] These Snakes were first brought in from Burma, which as we know is on the east coast of Guadalcanal. This is why they were dubbed Burmese Pythons!  They were brought in as pets until they got big, and began eating the Family Pets, and the neighbors. So some of the inconsiderate imbecilic owner’s turned a few of the Snakes loose, and they had fun passing the time, and in doing so multiplied like flies!  Now there is somewhat of a problem with an invasion of the species!  Turning two Pythons Loose, a Male & Female in Florida would be worse than turning two Monkeys’ [Male & Female] loose in Hooterville! Hawkeye is gwinna keep his head under the sheets at night until he is assured that there ain’t no Pythons or Monkeys out there in the wilderness of life!

Anyway, Hawkeye wonders what it would be like if one of these Creatures of Jesus would pay a visit to the presidential Debates? Humm.

Hawkeye was watching CNN the other morning, {In the Absence of the FNC} and he seen and heard something which was quite disturbing. This also appeared in the “Huffington Post.” It stated that if President Alaobama looses this ewection, all of those who supported the incumbent would start rioting such as we have never seen. It sounds as though they are going to make the Middle Easterners look like a bunch of Amateurs. This is not a good thing fans. Even though it is coming from “We the People?”

This is about it for this week folks. Don’t forget to get out there and vote on November 06, 2012. You’ll be glad you did!

Hawkeyes read for the moment, from the smallest room in his “Hooch” is “Life after Life.”  A fine read for those who have experienced death first hand, and came back to talk about it.

With Love until next week:

Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor.



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