Flu immunization begins Monday

DEPT. OF PUBLIC HEALTH — The Immunization Department of ASG's Department of Public Health will begin providing flu virus immunization for residents of all ages in the territory this coming week.

According to Immunization program director, Mrs. Yolanda Masunu, certain groups of residents are at higher risk to contract flu and suffer debilitating consequences from the virus. "People with non communicable diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and heart problems are at higher risk. We encourage them to get a flu shot as a protection to their health," said Mrs. Masunu.

Department of Health media director, Mrs. Fatima,  added that flu virus shots are free and can be obtained in many locations. Fatima said that all health centers such as Tafuna, Amouli, Leone, Ta'u and Ofu are fully stocked  with the flu vaccine.

"Our goal is protect the health of all residents," she said. "It only takes a minute to stop at on of the roadside vaccination places such as Fagaalu, Utulei or Pago. The flu shot protects from the misery of headache, muscle ache, dehydration and general weakness; all symptoms of the flu virus."

Mrs. Masunu added that pregnant women should be vaccinated. "It's free and there are vaccination places in your district. Avoid the pain and suffering of the flu by taking a few minutes to protect yourself now."

Get vaccinated against the "Flu" now. Call 699-8464/8465


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