Tonga wins right to host 2019 Pacific Games

Tonga has been awarded the right to host the 2019 Pacific Games by the General Assembly in Wallis and Futuna.

Matangi Tonga online reports Tahiti and Tonga made their final presentations to the delegates of the General Assembly Friday afternoon, who voted 16-6 in favour of Tonga.

The Secretary General of the Tonga National Olympic Committee, Takitoa Taumoepeau, says the Games agreement was signed then by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Sports, Lord Vaea and the President of the Tonga National Olympic Committee, Lord Tupou.

In his presentation Lord Tupou said that Tonga would be ready to host the 2019 Games beyond the highest standard required for the enjoyment and satisfaction of the athletes.

Tonga has chosen the theme and slogan for the 2019 Games: "Our People, Our Games."

The country will need to find a budget of 70 million US dollars for the various construction of sports facilities and operational expenses for hosting the Games.

The Pacific Games brings together 22 Pacific Countries and Territories in a sporting competition held every four years.


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