White Sunday shooting tragedy on Upolu

SAD: Tumanu Fuamaila hasn’t heard from her husband since the night of the shooting. The house behind was where the deceased was shot. [Samoa Observer]

White Sunday was a sombre affair for one family at Olo Mulifanua on the west of Upolu.

Whereas a one-year-old child mourned the loss of his mother forever, three other children are likely to lose their father to a lengthy term in prison following what’s been described as a “accidental shooting.”

According to reports, Tasi Pepe Keneti, 24, was unloading a .12 gauge rifle when it fired hitting his sister, Olive, 23, on the left shoulder and on the side of her stomach.

Olive died on her way to the Leulumoega District Hospital.

Mr Keneti’s partner, Tumanu Fuamaila, 19, told the Samoa Observer yesterday that their family is struggling to accept what happened.

“Her last words to me and her other sister who was also with us that night was to give her love to her parents and her child,” said Ms Fuamaila.

She described the incident as a “freak accident.”

“What happened was that he was trying to remove the bullets from the gun when it fired,” she said. “It was possible that he didn’t have the safety on.”

Recalling what happened, she said; “We were sitting in front of the house and talking when my husband instructed his sister to prepare dinner.


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