Hawkeye: Smoke em if ya gottem, ain’t no flies on me!

“It is wonderful how you get used to things, even the most astonishing.”

“It is always easier to believe than to deny. Our minds are naturally affirmative.”

The opening of the Hawkeye column was also opening remarks by the “FREE WHEELIN BOB DYLAN” back in the “60’s” Hawkeye likes Bob still, and he is hangin in there with the best of them. “Knockin on Heavens Door,” still brings tears to Hawks Eye!

Malo to Bob Dylan.. From Hawkeye. (And Sweet Leanor.)

Hawkeye can’t wait for the resurfacing to begin on the Airport Road. This will be a blessing in disguise. The long awaited repairs to this stretch of road is long overdue, and Hawkeye for one, hails all of those hard working Homo-sapiens at The Department of Public Works, and for those Homo-sapiens of Whitethorn Construction who had the sharpest pencils and were awarded the bid. It is rather nice to see some homies get involved in local matters for a switch.

There is plenty to go around folks, and if we share the work load by sub contracting to the Prime Contractor, we will still come out smelling like a rose.

Speaking of Roses, Sweet Leanor is nursing some Roses in her Garden of Eden. This is a Hobby for Leanor, and she is so good at the “Green Thumb” projects that she has learned how to “Sprout Broom-sticks!” Now that there is getting good fans. Just think of what Noah would have been able to do with the Assistance of Leanor! He wouldn’t have had to drag all of those Logs from Sawmills on “Rapanue” to “Swains Island!” Over. Leanor could have grown the logs right next to where God told the “Old Geezer” to erect the “Ark!” The Sawmill could have been there as well, making everything just “Hunky Dory” for our old friend Noah! This man was 900 years old, and God should have taken it somewhat easier on the old boy. He should have designated some from the younger generation to do the “Heavy Lifting.” Noah could have been the brains for the design, but then one would reckon that God would have had that handled from the “Git Go!” After all, it was his idea for both the “Flood,” and the “Ark,” so he must have given some thought to how to put it all together! Humm. This causes Hawkeye to cringe at the very thought of “Temu” (Rain) on the off chance that it might last for forty days and forty nights..  Speaking of Forty Days, the elections are less than forty days away. Hawkeye is pleased to see that his party is pulling ahead in the Polls. (For what the Poll’s are worth.)

Let’s just hope that either or neither Candidate steps on his tongue during the upcoming debates.

It seems as though a lot of the Taine’s are leaning towards Romney who were before, hard line for the incumbent. This is still too close to call, and we will just have to wait and see. Same with the Wonderland Elections; Just wait and see. Get out and vote for the Candidate, or Candidate’s of your choice, and do not allow yourself to be swayed one way or another by pushy leaders, and aggressive Aiga. (Pamily) This is one of the few freedoms that we get to exercise every two years or so. Cherish that freedom, as it is your right to do so. Hawkeye keeps looking for the Campaign Barbeque that is serving “New York Cut Buffalo.” This will be the Candidate of choice for Hawkeye. The only other prerequisite is that he or she can cook!

Hawkeye was speaking with one of the candidates down town the other day, and he seems both happy and sure that he and his running mate will be sitting in the Hot Seat come Next January. Hawkeye asked him if his team were the ones that are serving up the “Fat Buffalo Roast” in front of their respective Polling Station. He in turn asked Hawk if he would vote for his team should they promise “Fat Buffalo Roast.”  Hawkeye answered: “Naw.” I am a goin fer da one with da “New York Cut Buffalo!” Over!

The weather in the Mainland United Estete (states) is already beginning to reap havoc before winter even arrives. The drought is still not letting up, and the reservoirs are getting lower and lower. (And Lower) All of this has meaning fans, and when Al Gore states that the altitude in the Mile High City of Detroit Colorado causes snow blindness for the debates, we know we are in the pits! Hawkeye knew Al was intelligent, but he had no idea that he was a f%#kin Genius! We need to turn Al loose in the middle of the burned out, drought ridden Corn Fields of St. Paul Alaska and see if we can get a better jump on this global warming thingy! While Al is there in the middle of the cornfields, perhaps he can “Go Fishin!” Over..

Hawkeye and Leanor are stocking up on old “Clingy Eastwood” Movies while waiting for December 21st of this year.

In the interim, keep it Kleen and don’t bite the neighbors.

Leanor & Hawkeye with Love.


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